Feb 13, 2017

Positive Vibes in 2017

Hey loves! Happy New Year!! 

Aren't you glad 2016 is over!? Seriously, 2016 was one crazy year. I took a break from blogging in the month of December, that ran over into the month of January. I needed to regroup, re-brand, and relax. My brain was running 1700 miles per minute and it was becoming very overwhelming.

While on break I learned some good tips for blogging and different ways to manage my content. I also took the time to do lots of research, shout out to Mattieologie for that tip! I did so much reading in November and December. Taking ideas from here and there and finding ways to make it my own. 

My new Instagram page is really moving in a good direction. If you guys don't follow me you should, JanishaTravels. Join my travel squad! I have to come up with a name for my readers/followers.

 I have some exciting trips planned this year. I'm already behind on writing about my first trip of the year, but I'm gathering my life. Slowly, but surely lol.

How did you guys spend your new year? I stayed home and relaxed, got mentally prepared for this year. I have already been working on some of my resolutions. Working on a 2017 Travel List as well. My 2015 one was so bad, I don't think I went anywhere on my list. Actually I went to Chicago, Vegas, Dallas AND Houston. I doubted myself lol. I hit three of those cities in 2016.

I will be posting my 2017 Travel List soon. As well as some of my 2017 Goals. I really want to make this the best year yet. I know last year I didn't make a New Year post, resolution or travel list and I honestly believe it had a lot to do the progression of the year for me. I didn't start off with an end goal so I ended the year feeling like I didn't achieve anything. But we'll get into that another time.

I pray 2017 is good to you. Stay positive guys. As one of my favorite Youtubers Terroll Lewis says, "Thoughts become things." So think positively and what you think will come to pass! Love you guys!


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