May 20, 2015


Hey loves, so you all will be very proud of me. I finally made a trip happen in 2015! Woohoo! This trip was very special to me because I got to travel up to Holyoke, Massachusetts to spend time with my sister Talore (pronounced Taylor). Her birthday was May 11th and she had absolutely NO idea that I was coming.

To be able to spend some time with her really made me happy. She lives so far away and we only get to communicate by phone, text, or FaceTime which just isn't enough. I was there from Thursday to Saturday.

I took the bus up from DC to New York and our friend Porshae picked me up. The ride from NY to Mass was around 3 hours because of slight traffic. Porshae helped me put this plan into action, so again a huge thank you Shae for everything! I haven't been on a bus trip since I went to NY last year so it was cool to get on a bus again. I spent most of my time reading a book and being amazed by nature.

Massachusetts Welcomes You sign

I surprised her when she got off of work. Her reaction was priceless. I told her that I would be at home all day lounging around and getting into my new book so imagine how shocked she was to see me come out screaming happy birthday. Here are the videos of her reaction.


 The first night we went to Friday's and tried out a bunch of their new appetizers since they were $5. Since we went to Friday's I didn't take many pictures the first night because we were catching up and just enjoying our time together. 

The second day we went to breakfast at Sylvester's Restaurant in Northampton. Northampton is a cute little town with lots of shops and beautiful scenery. I really enjoyed eating in that little town and walking around and looking in some of the stores.

The most exciting thing, other than seeing my sister, for me was the cookout that we had. We put together a grill, with the instruction of Porshae and we had some of the best food. It was my favorite meal while I was there. Not pictured was the best beef burger I've had in a very long time. And I'm not a huge beef eater.

The funniest part of the trip was us putting together the new grill. Seriously y'all, I am not a labor kind of girl. I much rather let a man put together a grill for me. BUT we did it and now I know that I can do it again. But I don't have any plans on doing so in the near future. Lol. 

Overall the trip was spent with us doing a lot of bonding and have girl chat. I really, really appreciated this time with Talore. After losing someone so close to me (Karis) it really makes me happy to cherish the time I have with others. I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful sister and I really am glad that I got to surprise her and remind her how much I really love and miss her.

Here are some other pictures from my trip:

Downtown Hartford

Took this pic on the side of the road lol

NY scenery as I was riding back to DC

Sign from Steals & Deals

Abby the sleeping dog. So cute.

There's always time to be goofy!


Talore & Porshae I really hope you guys enjoyed my visit! We must do it again. And to my lovely readers; I hope you all enjoyed these pictures and videos from my trip to Holyoke. Talk to you next time.


May 5, 2015

Time Travel - Roaring 20s

Hello my loves. It's been a while and I am so sorry. I know in my last post I said that I wouldn't be doing much traveling with my busy work schedules, well that's kind of true. I did do some traveling recently. I traveled back to the Roaring Twenties to celebrate my 25th birthday (April 10th).

I've always known I wanted to have a 25th birthday. I think I've been planning for it since I was like 16. After my Sweet Sixteen I told my parents that the next birthday party I wanted to have was a big 25th bash. And here we are. I have to say, I have the most amazing parents. Through all of my stress, sadness and overall birthdayzilla behavior, they never threatened to cancel my party. Although my mom did say she was never doing this again, she's kidding though. I think..right mom?

The night was amazing. My friends and family came out to celebrate with me and I couldn't have asked for a better party. My mom and dad did an amazing job with the party and setting up everything. The party went way beyond my wildest expectations. I felt like I stepped into the 1920s. It was amazing. Everything I dreamed of and so much more.

I actually wanted to vlog all the steps up to my party. But with working and not really being confident in my vlogging skills I decided against it. I will try it out a little and perfect it for my next trip and post.

My friends and family did a wonderful job at capturing the night with pics and videos. All the videos and pics posted are from different people at my party. I took literally 0 pictures or videos on my phone. I can't even tell you where my phone was that night. But I hope that all the pictures and videos that my folks captured is enough to give you guys an idea of how much fun we all had going back to the Roaring 20s.

** Special thanks to my wonderful parents (I got no pictures with my dad on my phone or his. But the photographer took several of us) for throwing me this spectacular party. It surpassed all of my wildest expectations. **

These are not even half of the pictures that were taken that night. These are just the ones that were sent to me. I hope that you all enjoy this look into my birthday party.

Here are a few pictures from my birthday dinner. These aren't all the pictures from that night either. But they are the only ones I have.Also, I had a videographer at my party and when I get that video I will share it here.

Talk to you in my next post!


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