Sep 27, 2017

Euro Trip..

Hello beautiful peopleeee. I hope you all are doing well. It has been a while but only because I legit couldn't talk about my trip because it was a surprise. I honestly think I am done with surprises. Seriously, its too much! Avoiding the truth(or straight up lying lol), my anxiety being on 100000, and everything in between. 

I went to Europe: London, U.K., Paris, France & Amsterdam, Netherlands. I had a great time visiting Europe and I cannot wait to go back. I vlogged my entire trip. And I also want to share some things here. I don't want my readers to think I have forgotten about you all. I haven't.

I am working on a lot of blog posts regarding this trip and I really appreciate your patience. A lot of people have hit me up like, "yoo where's your blog post from your trip!?" And I promise I am working! Thank you all for your unwavering support. I hope you all enjoy the 2 vlogs I have posted below. More vlogs coming soon. I've been having some computer issues but that's being fixed this week and I will be back with my posts and pictures from my trip!

Yes, the blog has a new look. There's no more commenting issues, you can click "post a comment" at the bottom of each post.  And your comment will show at the bottom of the page. I know how confusing that was and I thank you guys for working with me on that one. Hope you like the new look!

Love you guys and I will see you in my next post!


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