Mar 17, 2015

Life in the DMV

Hey loves! So I wanted to keep you all up to date on my life and the many blessings that have been coming my way.  I got a second job! Ain't God good?! I've been waiting for a better job to come around and this one is part time. Meaning, I am able to keep my current job and work this one as well. Mo' money, mo' money! The problems, however, can stay far away. 

But along with that blessing comes a minor setback, nothing major though. I won't know my work schedule and how things are run until I start training next week. So I can't plan any trips because I have no idea what my work schedule will look like. But it's small thing, nothing that I'm stressed about. My friends are planning summer trips and I'm like, "I hope I can go!" But I do plan on doing some traveling in my spare time so no worries y'all. I will definitely still be posting. 

With all that being said, this post is about some of the things that have been happening in my life that don't necessarily involve traveling (out of the area) but are still post worthy.

Between The Sheets Tour

Chris Brown
Like most twenty somethings I used to be the biggest Chris Brown fan. Yes, I was TeamBreezy y'all. And in the spirit of how much I LOVE music and how much I once loved Mr. Brown I decided to attend the BTS Tour when it came to DC.
So I asked my dad ahead of time (months ahead) for tickets, because he has the best hookup, and he told me that he wasn't sure if he could come through for me this time.So I waited to hear back from him and when I didn't hear anything I just figured he couldn't come through. I texted my friend Kaylin the morning of the concert and told her I was sad that I wasn't going to be able to go. Thirty minutes later my dad calls me and says that he got two tickets for me and that they would be at will call.

Of course I ran around my house asking my mom to help me find an outfit to wear. And I texted all my friends that I knew would want to go. My friend Jazmine was the lucky one who got to attend with me. 

The concert was a lot of fun. It was a nice change of pace to my normal routine. Chris and Trey were really good. Chris took me down memory lane with some of his old songs and he made me remember why I loved him so much before. I'm still a big fan of his music so I got my life to pretty much every song he performed.

Trey Songz
Like I said before Trey did really good as well, his vocals were on point. He really gave the show a grown/sexy feel. Trey is such a great artist and I think he deserves way more credit than what the industry is giving him. 

Tyga was there also, he opened the show, but I missed that unfortunately. I was only like 15 minutes late to the show. I would have loved to see Tyga perform a few songs, I used to be a big fan of his also. But he did come out for two songs on Chris' set, which was nice.

I'm gonna put some pics and videos below. Also forgive the iPhone camera for making it seem so far away but that was the only way to get a clear video.


I attended a kid's birthday party at a place called Flight in Virginia. Flight is just like Skyzone (mentioned in a previous post). It's filled with trampolines, basketball hoops that are crazy high and foam pits. It's one of the only places where adults and kids can have fun doing the same thing.
This type of place though is a workout. I was not dressed for the occasion. I think when I was getting dressed I really wasn't in the mood to jump but once I got there I got excited and wanted to jump anyway. I forgot to take pictures of me jumping and flipping. Well attempting to relive my cheerleader days and flip.

Check out some more pictures from both events.  I hope you all have enjoyed this look into my everyday life at home in the DMV. Talk to you all soon.

Peace & Love ,

 I totally get my good looks from the Queen.
Tyga and Chris

Shayla & I. 
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Oh, hey ma!

Mar 3, 2015

Reaching New Heights

In talking to my girlfriends I've noticed that they all have dreams of traveling to nice places. But when I bring up the idea to them, they never really commit. I've been wondering why that is. They all love my blog and they love being featured on it but they never want to feed their travel beast like I do.

Granted, we all live busy lives. Working 40 hours a week (or more), job searching, socializing with family, significant others & friends, planning future endeavors, etc. Planning a vacation is far down on the to-do list for most folks. I understand it, I really do because for a long time it was the same for me. Traveling was something I talked about doing but never really got around to doing.

My friend Karis was adventurous and sparked the adventurer in me. She was the one who talked me into taking my first trip alone to visit her in California. So with my friends not being able to commit to traveling and me still wanting to travel and see the world before I get married and have children, I've decided that I want to solo travel.

The only thing that scares me about solo travel is being alone. I'm used to traveling to/with family or friends. I have a few family members who have put scary thoughts into my head about doing anything alone. Before I went to California to visit Karis last year, my sassy, 83 year old grandmother told me, "Nisha, you are not grown. Who said you could go over there by yourself?!" 

Of course she meant it all out of love and was half joking, but I knew that she was worried about me. Which, for a few days leading up to my trip, made me worry as well. My excitement took over the day of the trip and I eventually didn't care anymore.

Knowing how much joy traveling brings me, it really has been the highlight of my life this past year. I am looking forward to exploring new places by myself. To keep me from being too anxious about it all I want to start in America. I would want to get some experience under my belt before I traveled to another country solo. However, I'm sure it won't be long before I am traveling the world by myself. 

Hopefully when my parents read this they won't be too shocked by my new found explorer spirit. I'm my mom's only child so it might scare her a bit, even though she is always supportive of me and my crazy ideas. My dad doesn't much worry about anything but I think this one might be shocker for him. I'll keep you guys updated on their thoughts as well lol.

Do any of you travel solo? Do you have any tips for me? Anything that you think I should do to prepare before traveling solo? Any solo travel stories you all want to share? If so, please do so in the comments. I would love to read them! 

Of course any traveling that I do, I will share with you all. So wish me luck in my quest to traveling solo. Talk to you soon.


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