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Toronto Eats

Hey boos! I hope you enjoyed the first post about my trip to Toronto. When I look back we actually did a lot and it was kind of overwhelming to post. So I'm gonna keep it short and sweet with this post and get right into it. 

Food is verrrrrry different in Toronto. I wasn't looking for your typical "American dining" but I was looking for things that look/sound good via the menu.  It wasn't bad, it was just different. I will post pictures of my meals and where I ate but I don't really want to get into the taste of things because I truly can't explain it.

I did a terrible job of capturing what/where we are on April 5th, so I can't talk about that. I know we did eat at a diner near the Park Hyatt. It wasn't half bad. The next morning we had breakfast at what I think is the equivalent to Starbucks. Its called Second Cup. It has a very similar set up to Starbucks and they sell breakfast sandwiches, pastries, coffee, tea, etc. It was standard.

Honestly, I'm not 100% sure if chicken sandwich is from the diner or not. But its a random food shot, from my time in Toronto, so I wanted to be sure to share it!
We frequented another restaurant that was in our second hotel its called King Street Social Kitchen & Bar. The food was okay. I did have an issue with my fruit being spoiled, but they rectified it by getting me new fruit and taking my oatmeal off our bill. It was an unfortunate incident (because I almost ate the fruit) but they took care of it and I was pleased about that. I also had some chicken nuggets from there. They were decent. I had to make my own honey mustard, and that was a fail lol. But the dessert was good there.  

 These pictures are from lunch at King Street Social Kitchen & Bar. 

There was a nice place across the street from our hotel called Fred's Not Here. It was a two-for-one kind of restaurant. Upstairs they had a fancy restaurant and downstairs they had a more casual pizzeria. We opted for the pizzeria, it wasn't a bad choice at all. The pizza was really good. 

We went to a place called Hoop's Sports Bar & Grill. They had Canadian cuisine there. I was really too nervous to try other things so I stuck with wings and fries. My mom got some kind of salad with grilled shrimp and a poached pear. She said it was pretty good. Pears and I don't get along, so I didn't try it lol.

Hard Rock Cafe was downtown so we are there one night. Its the same as any other Hard rock that I've been to.

Our last night in Toronto we wen to Canteen. Its a restaurant that is about 2 blocks from where out hotel is located. The food was actually pretty good and our waiter was excellent. I would definitely go here again!

My favorite restaurant was the 360 Restaurant in the CN Tower. It started out a little shaky. I was certain some of the workers there were turning their nose up at us. But it was the day before my birthday and I was going to enjoy that meal and view no matter what. My mom and I ended up getting the same thing. Salmon with a side salad. It was really good.

Overall, the food is very different. Like I said earlier I can't describe the difference. It could just be that my taste buds are different from that of Canadians. But I would go back to Toronto. And I hear you have to go in the summer, everything is better during that time of year.

That's all for my birthday trip to Toronto, I hope y'all enjoyed it. See you soon!




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