Sep 8, 2014

Viva Las Vegas - Part 1

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There is nothing like a girls getaway. Myself and three of my really good friends decided to take a girls trip to Sin City back in July of this year. This was my first trip of Summer 2014 and I was really excited to return to Vegas as an adult (my first visit was when I was 10). 

My friends, Natashia, Brittanee and Jazmineand I stayed at the Flamingo hotel on the strip. The hotel had lots to offer. Plenty of gift shops, a spa and gym, restaurants, beautiful scenery and of course the casino. Our room was nice as well (didn't get pictures, sorry y'all). It comfortably fit the four of us even though we didn't spend much time in the room.

Cars in our hotel

The strip is one of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen and what makes it even better is that its just as beautiful during the day as it is at night. I don't know which view is my favorite, the strip during the day or night.

One of my favorite parts of my entire trip was experiencing the High Roller. The High Roller is a Ferris Wheel on the strip that takes you on a aerial view of the strip and its surrounding areas. While in the air there's a video that plays where a guy talks you through the entire ride. The best part is when you reach the top, over 500 feet in the air. My friends and I were able to get a discounted ticket along with a free drink on Groupon. So, if you plan on riding the High Roller check out Groupon or Living Social for a discounted price and/or special offers.

The Flamingo Hotel from the High Roller

Here we are on the High Roller. L-R Brittanee, Natashia, Jazmine and I. We decided to ride & claim our free drink before we went to the pool party at our hotel. 

The food on this trip was AMAZING. We ate at many different places while there but I'll list my favorites; Hash House A Go Go, Margariatville & Carlos' & Charlie's. 

Hash House A Go Go is located inside The Quad Resort & Casino and was the perfect sport for breakfast on our first morning there. I had a oversized Belgian waffle that I could barely finish along with bacon and orange juice. It was hands down the best breakfast we all had our entire stay.

Margaritaville was one of my favorites because of the drinks they offered.Brittanee and I got a frozen Perfect margarita in a 60oz cup while Natashia and Jazmine had a frozen Tropical Fruit margarita in the same cup. It was way too much for one person to drink so the waiter suggested that we share the drinks. The food there was decent but the drinks are the reason I would go to the restaurant again.

Carlos' & Charlie's was a Mexican restaurant that, in my humble opinion, was to die for. The food and the drinks were great. I can't tell you which one I enjoyed more. I had a shrimp burrito, the best burrito I've ever had, yes even better than our beloved Chipotle. The sides were refried beans and rice. The drinks that we ordered, once again a huge drink that we shared 2 girls to one drink, were Mango frozen margaritas. Britanee and Jazmine tried a different kind first but they didn't like it so they ended up getting Mango as well.

I surely can't fit everything we did in one post so I plan to split up my Vegas trip into a few post. I don't want to leave anything out and I also don't want to make the post too long detailing everything. I hope you this first installment of my trip to Sin City has been enjoyable to read about. I plan on posting another installment really soon. See you then.



Unknown said...

Whoa shrimp burrito looks bomb and I been to Vegas and never went on the ferris wheel i need to try it!

Janisha Travels said...

Joi Joi!! Hey girl. Yes you gotta go it was so much fun! Thanks for the comment :)

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