Oct 25, 2016


No, I didn't go on a baecation. Sorry if I got your hopes up. But I wanted to try something new. My friends and I are always having such great girl talk topics and I thought this was one I could share with my blog. Its about baecations and long term travel while in a relationship.

I know when you think of dating & traveling you think of going to a place you've never been with your bae and having a good time. So do I. And I know a lot of women in my age group that go on trips with their boo and have such a great time. I have single friends, friends that are in committed relationships and even friends that are engaged. No marriages yet, but soon come!

Browsing your popular page on IG you are more than likely going to see some cute travel pics of couples. On the beach, hiking, at the Eiffel Tower, and everything in between. And a lot of single women, like myself, think, "I can't wait to take trips with bae!" And most of my friends that are in relationships or engaged would say those are their favorite kind of trips to go on. Spending time with bae, exploring a new city, they say its nothing better.

So, I polled my friends and asked how would they feel if their travel was more permanent. Would they follow their boyfriend/fiance to a new city? He just landed the job of a lifetime, there's no way he could say no to this position. He may never get this opportunity again. Are you going with? Most of my friends said no, which I kind of expected. 

I had some friends that were on the fence about it. They needed more details. "Well, how long have we been dating?" "Are we serious? Is marriage in the near future?" And I think those are really good questions to ask. Because not many women in their 20s would move to another city with a guy they've only been dating for a few months. If you would, I tip my hat to you because you are a risk taker! 

Some of my friends were completely open to it. I didn't think any of my girls would be up for moving away with their boo. One stipulation was that it had to be a city they both loved, which I get 100%. You don't want to move to a new city that you don't like. Another stipulation, of course, was that he had to support them until she found a new job in the city. If you want your girl to move with you to a strange new city, you have to support her until she finds work. Or she could hang back at home until she finds a job then move out there, whatever works for said couple.

The second question in this poll was, "Would you move away for a better job even if your boo didn't want you to?" Most of my friends were on the same page about this one, they would move away. If the opportunity is better than what they have now they would go in a heartbeat. "I come first!" And everyone in the group chat said, "I agree."

Then I had a friend who said she wouldn't move away if her family or boo wasn't okay with her moving away. "Work is work" pretty much to say you can do work anywhere. "But if that could pay enough so my parents never have to work again I could do it for like a year."

I think its so good to hear all of the different opinions. I honestly don't know what I would do. Its easy to say yes or no right now. But I'm not in the same mindset that I would be if those scenarios were my reality. My first thought was, "No I'm not moving away because my boo got a job. And yes I'm rolling out if I get a job." But the more answers I got from my girls the more I started to see other perspectives. It really opened my mind to a lot.

Another topic that came up was long distance. Could you do long distance? Have you done it before? For me, I could do long distance if the foundation was already set. Meaning, if we lived in the same city at the beginning of our relationship. I would have no problem being in a long distance relationship if my guy got a job in another city. I'm okay with that. Our foundation has already been set. We understand each other, we know what it would take to make things work. And we'd be willing to make the necessary changes.

Most of my friends were opposed to long distance, especially in the beginning stages. There's too many things that could be hidden from you in the beginning. Just watch any episode of Catfish. Granted, I"m not saying long distance can't work for people. It absolutely can. You can meet the love of your life on vacation. You could both be from opposite ends of the country and find a way to make it work. I'm not opposed to the idea, but in a perfect world I would like to meet my significant other in the city I live in.

This whole topic gave me some things to think about. I've been single for a while and if I'm being honest I'm not sure how ready I am for a relationship. And I realized that in the answering of these questions for myself. It is very hard for me to give a direct answer. I"m very indecisive in my thoughts on this topic. 

I think that traveling with bae would be an amazing time. And some of my friends have showed me that it can be amazing. Shout out to all my girls that have gone on baecations and posted their adorable pics on Facebook & Instagram for us all to swoon over. You guys give me hope.

To all my single ladies, keep tripping with your friends. You never know who you're going to meet. And even if you don't meet anyone, you're living it up with women who are constants in your life. Nothing could be sweeter. 

If you've traveled with your bae leave a comment sharing your experience below. And feel free to answer the questions as well. 1. Would you move to a new city if your significant other got a new job? 2. Would you take a job in a new city even if your significant other didn't want you to take it? I hope this topic has made you all think. I plan on doing more posts like this in between my travels. Until next time.



TG said...

Clearly I am going through your two questions currently so you jave my answer lol but great post!

Janisha Travels said...

Thanks boo! And yes you are, doing it quite well might I add!

Unknown said...

nice read!

Janisha Travels said...

Thank you!!

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