Sep 8, 2015

How To Pack For The Beach..

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Although summer is almost over *insert sad face emoji* you never know when you will be going to the beach next. Your friends might call you and say, hey get ready, we're going to the beach. Or your parents could plan a winter trip to an exotic island. Either way you need to be ready!

So, I TRY to make it my mission to head to the beach at least once every summer. Since its warm, pretty much everywhere in the summer months, local beaches are ideal. Near me there are about 3 beaches, that I would consider nice enough to visit for the day or a weekend. Ocean City (Maryland), Virginia Beach (Virginia) and Rehoboth (Delaware). I've been to all three, at some point in my life.

This summer I went to Virginia Beach, TWICE! Don't worry I'll cover those trips in another post. But I simply wanted to give you all some tips on how to pack for the beach. It's quick and easy to pack a beach bag, whether its a one day beach trip or a weekend trip.


A one day trip to the beach is ideal for a nice family outing ,a day out with your girlfriends or a date with your boo. The options of what you can do on the beach are endless. Packing a beach bag is super easy, because its all about what you want to pack. There are a few necessary items, but other than those few, its your choice. So I'll make a list of things that I would take in my beach bag for a one day trip.

  • Swimsuit & cover up
    • Or you can wear your swimsuit to the beach if you like, totally up to you.
  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towel and/or blanket
    • Beach towels are normally big enough for one person, but if you are going with friends, family or a boo, its sometimes better to take a blanket so everyone can fit on it.
  • Sunglasses
    • Have to shade your eyes from the sun.
  • Water 
    • Its so necessary to have water you guys. Being out in the sun can be draining, even in you're just laying around getting a tan, so make sure to keep hydrated.
    • Also you could take alcohol (21 and up) if the beach allows. Be careful not to drink too much alcohol while you're out in the sun.
  • Snacks
    • You could bring a few snacks to share with your group. Or you could make a picnic and pack a full meal. It's definitely a way to save money. Boardwalk food can be expensive, depending on where you are.
  • Change of clothes
    • Just in case you want to walk around the boardwalk after the sun starts to set, but you don't want to keep on your wet swimsuit. 


Two or more days at the beach doesn't mean that your beach bag will have many more items. Most of the items are the same from above, so I will only post the new items you may need for more days at the beach

  • Beach chair & umbrella
    • Let's say you've already spent a day laying out in the sun and now you just want to relax by the water and enjoy the breeze. A nice beach chair and umbrella will do the trick. The chair will keep you off the hot sand and the umbrella will minimize your sun exposure. These items won't fit in your bag but they are a must have. They can also save you money, unless you're big ballin' and you are willing to pay the crazy prices to the beach vendors for chairs, umbrellas or a cabana
  • Picnic basket full of food
    • A way to save money is to go to a local grocery store by the beach and purchase food. That way you don't spend money on boardwalk food everyday that you are there. Saving money is always a bonus!
  • Radio or Bluetooth Speakers
    • Both of these can be used for a one day trip, but I decided to put them in this section. One day on the beach you want to relax, lay out and soak up some sun. If you're like me you'll fall asleep. So I think that on a second or third day on the beach you'll want to add some excitement so that you don't get bored with laying out.
  • Football, Frisbee, etc 
    • After spending your first day tanning and being a beach bum, its nice to have fun with family and/or friends by playing a sport.Some beaches even have volleyball nets, so get creative with what you pack for your entertainment.
  • Books, Magazines, Kindle, iPad, etc. 
    • Reading is another way to pass the time while you're laying out, if you aren't sleeping. 

 I hope that these tips have been helpful for you all. I know that packing for the beach is easy but I wanted to give you all a few tips, just in case you were missing anything. Talk to you soon.


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